Cosmetics Products

There are many different reasons why you would want or need to use cosmetic or beauty products. Some people choose to wear beauty products to make themselves look more presentable, others use cosmetics to help heal their skin. Whatever your reason may be, it is always best to know what each beauty product does, the different cosmetics that you can try in order to get specific results, and which brand is the best for the product you are looking for. Let's start with cosmetics that can help you look ready for the day.

Starting off with De-puffers for your eyes. Sometimes we can't control the bags we wake up with and it can be hard to look ready for the day with these bags dragging you down. De-puffers will make the bags go away and make you feel fresh and energized, or at least you'll look like you are.

The two best de-puffers that you can get are a serum roller that you will roll underneath of your eyes and it will make the puffiness go away almost instantly, and a cosmetic patch that you place on the bags. For a fast acting fix, the serum roller is the best choice. But if you have time, the eye patches work more efficiently.

Next you have the moisturizers. These are not only products that you use on your hands and arms but you can also use them on your face. Even if you have oily skin moisturizers can be helpful. The point of moisturizer is to clean your skin of all of the bad oils. You can do the same with water but if you use water then your skin is only going to become more dry so it is always good to use a moisturizer. You can get a specific face moisturizing cream or you can use a gel. There are even some that you do not have to wash off, however these are more for your hands and arms than your face.

Makeup is something we all have, whether or not you actually use it. But if you are new to makeup it can be hard to decide what makeup product to buy. Let's go over it.

Foundation, every brand sells foundation, the biggest challenge is finding your color.

Eye-shadow, you should buy a colorful palette if you want to try exciting looks and more neutral tones if you want a subtle/nude look. Some eye-shadows come with a mix of both, but they cost more.

Lipstick. You can get a palette of lipsticks, or you can buy a single tube of whatever color you like. There are also colored chap-sticks to keep your lips moist while looking pretty.

Eyeliner/Mascara, use these and you won't need fake-lashes. There are multiple colors available but original black never goes out of style.

These are the base beauty products that you need. Buy all of these and become familiar with them and then you can start to add to your collection.