Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys often get a bad rap. People call them ambulance chasers, shysters, bunco artists and worse, but when it comes to settling an automobile accident with 12 different vehicles involved on a foggy freeway or standing up for a couple who's child was medically injured for life due to an unproven prescription drug, you need to have the best representation possible if you expect to restore some balance in your life.

Restore the balance. Who else can you turn to?   

People talk about justice being done in a civil manner, but in reality, what a personal injury attorney can do for you is help you regain some needed balance within your life.

For, example, if you are walking in a crosswalk and are struck by a car, the aftermath of which is you can never walk again, or even worse, had to have your lower limbs amputated. no matter what the attorney may obtain for you in the form of a personal judgment, whether it be one million dollars or a billion, the fact is you'll remain an amputee for the rest of your natural life.

However, one of the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that through his or her hard work, your future may have brighter options. With a million-dollar judgment from an insurance company, you might be able to afford prosthetic limbs, months of physical therapy, needed nursing care, and compensation for your lost wages while you attempt to get back on track.

So personal attorneys can be life restorers. Here are just a few examples of things they can do:

  • Provide a professional view of your legal options. A quality professional attorney can give you an objective picture of your legal case. Let's take an extreme example: you were shot by a burglar in your own home. Seems like a slam dunk civil case, right? Until it comes out in the investigation that the "burglar" was your 18-year-old daughter's boyfriend and gave him a key to the front door.

    Often, civil lawsuits can become incredibly complicated, and for that, you need the point of view of an experienced attorney.

  • Attorneys are skilled negotiators. Often, a key mistake people mistake is to negotiate themselves with insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are savvy negotiators who know first-hand the value of a civil case. You, on the other hand, are very likely to accept a low-ball offer in order to quickly settle up.

    When insurance adjusters talk to an attorney, their whole demeanor changes due to taking into account the potential loss to the company should the case go to court and they lose.

  • Obtain needed medical care now. Attorneys often see their clients get needed medical care now, rather than months from now. If they believe strongly in a case, the expenses come out of their own pocket initially, not yours, although you will pay them back as a reduced share of your settlement.