As more and more people begin to hit the road, cars are no longer the most popular vehicle you will find on the road. SUVs have taken that title from your basic car. There are many reasons for why this has happened, it could be down to the expansive variety of sizes and price. Being so flexible is a huge draw for why one would pick a SUV over a normal car. Also, with more and more people having kids and developing their own families the need for larger transportation has become more and more prevalent. With that extra space allows for many ways to support that family you may have or be thinking about starting! From extra storage space for those groceries or luggage you may be hauling around for your family trip to being able to possibly include a tv monitor in the car to keep the children entertain. You just simply cannot go wrong with purchasing a SUV.  Some of the other SUV features include:

1.     Televisions in the back of headrests.

2.     Flip-down flat screens.

3.     DVD and Blue-Ray systems.

4.     SD card and HDMI ports.

5.     Headphone and auxiliary inputs.

There are many various types of SUV’s, finding the model that fits your needs should be at the type of your lists. Models include:

1.     Car Based. Crossovers are the smallest type of sports utility vehicle; they have a car-like body. They operate similar to sedans and tend to come with four- or six-cylinder engines. Certain types of these models could be the Kia Soul, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda Cx-5,2020 Kia Telluride and a long list of others.  

2.     Traditional truck based. These are the mid-size option of SUVs; they tend to have more towing capacities than smaller models. They also come in six- and eight -cylinder engines. Some models include the Honda Pilot, Ford Edge, Toyota Highland, and Mazda CX-9.

3.     Large truck based. The biggest of the three types, you may find SUVs with third row seating in this category. These tend to fit anywhere from 5-12 people depending on the space available in the SUV. They have various models which include Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Suburban, Nissan Armada, and the Toyota Sequoia.

Luxury SUVs have all the features that you could possibly want in a car. A lot of cars during the recent time have the capabilities of synching directly up with your phone, voice control, and forward collision warning. These are more becoming more and popular due to the sheer amount of entertainment you can store in the car. Growing families over the years have found it more and more convenient to have a entertainment center on wheels to make sure those long drives don’t feel so long.
At the end of the day you are not short on options of types of SUVS you and your family can choose from. Even if you are not one with a family and just simply want a bigger car the wide variety of choices can help you find the perfect SUV for you.