Senior Living Communities

Many people over 55 have considered living in a senior living community for one reason or another. One might ask themselves, what exactly is a senior living community? What are the benefits over living in a home? We will discuss these and other questions in this article.

There are various types of senior living apartments. Some are independent living and others are assisted living. Independent living communities are ones in which seniors are able to live without assistance in performing their daily task.

The benefits of living in an independent living community is a maintenance free lifestyle.

* You are free from the responsibility of caring for the upkeep of a home. Lawn care, maintenance and etc. are all included.
* You are free to spend more time on hobbies or with family and friends.
* You are free from the responsibility of paying household bills such as electricity, gas, cable and etc. All monthly bills are included.
* You have the luxury of not cooking each day because nutritious meals are provided.
* You never have to feel lonely because are surrounded by other seniors that share your interest and activities.
* You will always have the option to take part in exciting activities such as social, artistic and musical events as most retirement communities provide these types of activities.

The benefits of an assisted living facility are basically the same as the Independent living community except that assisted living in addition offers:

* Nursing and  medication monitoring
* Personal Care such as bathing and grooming
* Housekeeping
* Laundry Services
* Emergency Care

Before visiting or contacting retirement communities, it would be wise to create a list based on your preference for your new home.

* Determine what area of town you prefer to live in
* Decide what amenities you'd like to have close by such as grocery shops
* Do you need to live close to family and friends?
* Consider your favorite hobbies and determine the activities offered by each community
* Determine your budget
* Do you have transportation or does the community provide it?

One thing is for sure is you will have many community options to choose from. However, as discussed above, there are a whole host of things to take into consideration before making your final choice of where to live and here are a few additional things to consider. Be sure to ask the leasing staff plenty of questions. Verify the reputation of the community to determine the level of service offered. Drop by unexpectedly to investigate the cleanliness of the grounds and common areas. Also, pay attention to the staff's treatment the current residents. Speak to some of the residents to determine their level of satisfaction. Once you sign on the dotted line it may be too late to change your mind.

Many seniors in independent living communities are very happy with their choice in adapting this type of lifestyle. Living in a community surrounded by other seniors can be a rewarding experience. Once you have done your homework and have found a community that matches your personality type and needs, then you can truly kick back and begin living a carefree lifestyle.